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Dishwasher safe
The iittala glass mass has been specially developed to tolerate machine-washing. All iittala utility glassware can be washed in the dishwasher. It is best to rinse milk and buttermilk glasses with cold water before they are placed in the dishwasher to prevent proteins from precipitating and dulling the glassware.

Delicate stemware, pitchers and jugs, mugs, large footed dessert bowls, and glass objects that contain glass of varying thickness (such as vases, art objects) are best hand-washed. When warming up, glassware of uneven thickness readily develops various types of tension that can lead to breakage.

Refrain from stacking warm glasses immediately after washing, as they may stick together and break.

Oven safe:
Glass is not ovenproof.

Microwave safe:
We do not recommend using glass in the microwave oven because spot heat may break the glass.

Hot drinks:
When serving hot drinks, use glasses whose walls and bases are of an even thickness. Warm the glass with hot water before pouring it full of hot liquid. Place a glass containing hot liquid on a coaster, a serviette or a wood surface – never on a cold metal surface because the thermal shock can break the glass.

Hot food:
Heat the glass dish with warm water and cool the soup to roughly 60 C before pouring it into the bowl.


Lime deposit:
Soak glasses in warm water to which vinegar has been added.

The dullness of glassware is caused by hard water. The harder the water, the more likely the glassware is to appear dull. Use salt as water softener if necessary, or try switching to a different dishwashing detergent brand.

Iridescent surface:
Iridescence on the surface of glassware is caused by a thin silicate film brought on by mildly alkaline silicate containing detergents. If the iridescence bothers you, switch to a silicate-free detergent.

The burning lens phenomenon:
The burning lens phenomenon may damage objects and surfaces in the vicinity of the glass object. To avoid this do not leave a lens-shaped thick glass object or vase filled with water in direct sunlight.

Stubborn stains on flower vases:
Pour a detergent solution ( 1dl of laundry detergent to one litre of water, for example) into the vase and let it soak. Scouring powder or abrasive scrubbing pads may scratch and spoil the surface.

Arabia Porcelain
Instructions from Arabia's website:

Oven and freezer safe: All Arabia utility ware can be used in ovens and freezers. Do not take a dish straight from the oven and put it into a cold, wet surface or put it on steel. Do not put a dish straight into a hot oven from a freezer.

Microwave safe: All Arabia utility wares except dishes with gold or platinum decoration or metal parts are microwave safe.

Dishwasher safe: All Arabia utility wares are dishwasher safe except dishes decorated with gold or platinum. Use a rinsing agent in the dishwasher to improve the results. Very dirty dishes can be soaked in hot water with detergent containing bleach. Cutlery made of soft steel, especially knives, may leave streaks of metal on a hard glazed surface that cannot be removed in a normal wash. (These can be removed by rubbing gently with metal polish.) Check the quality of cutlery when you buy it. To protect the glazing, avoid heavy rubbing when, for example, stacking plates.

Kalevala Jewelry
Instructions from Kalevala website:

Silver Jewelry

Use a polishing cloth to clean slightly tarnished
Kalevala Koru silver jewelry. Polishing cloths are available in jewelry shops. More heavily tarnished pieces of jewelry can be cleaned with polishing paste for silver. To avoid removing the oxide from the piece, the paste should not be spread too thickly. Apply the polishing paste with a soft cloth and clean the jewelry piece. To prevent the paste from causing stains on clothing, rub the paste off and wash the piece with water and mild washing-up liquid. Chains can also be cleaned as instructed above.

We do not recommend liquid silver polish. Pearls should not come in contact with silver polish.

Bronze Jewelry

Bronze - an alloy of copper, tin and zinc - oxidizes and tarnishes more easily than precious metals. Bronze jewelry is lacquered with a galvanic coating at our factory. However, with skin contact, this coating can wear off and cause the jewelery piece to tarnish. Tarnished areas can be polished with a special cloth, available in jewelry shops. Copper and brass cleaner can also be used.


Stones set in Kalevala Koru jewelry should not be rubbed with cleaning agents.

Ball-shaped pieces and badly tarnished jewelry can be sent to the Kalevala Koru factory for complete cleaning and restoration. A small fee is charged for this service. After restoration, the jewelry will be easy to polish with cleaning agents and with a wash with water afterwards. The green patina is a natural feature of old and antique jewelry.

Do not expose jewelry to hair spray or perfume. Jewelry should not be worn in the sauna or steam room, or in chlorinated or salt water.

Gold, silver and bronze jewelry should all be washed occasionally with water and mild washing-up liquid. This keeps dirt from collecting and helps prevent tarnish.

Kalevala Koru jewelry does not contain nickel.

1 Question & 1 Answer
from Malta asked:
September 14, 2020
Hi, I have a jewellery set from Kalevala, which I have not worn for ages as it got tarnished with wear and tear. After reading the care instructions it says that I can send them to be taken care of. How can I get it done? Also I have the ring that need to be enlarged a bit. Is that possible?
1 Answer
You can get in contact with Kalevala regarding your repair questions here:

They should be able to either direct you to someone closer to your location who can assist you, or they will provide instruction on how to send the pieces to them.

Submitted by: Order Desk on September 15, 2020

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Care Instructions

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