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Erica Dao
3 easy ways to transition your home between seasons
Similar to how we switch our wardrobes from season to season, our homes should undergo similar transitions to reflect the time of year it is. It doesn't have to be time consuming, expensive or complicated. Here are three simple ways to make the shift in your home regardless of your style or budget.
1. Switch out decorative pillows and/or curtains.
Instantly change the appearance of your living room by changing out throw pillows and/or curtains. A small change can make a big impact.
2. Group different candles and flowers together.
Candles and flowers are the simplest way to indicate what time of year it is. Pair different tones of candles and candle holders with seasonal flowers, and voilà!
3. Change out table linens and/or dinnerware.
Using minimal effort, you can dramatically change the appearance of your dining room by selecting different shades of table linens and pairing it with coordinating dinnerware.
How to sauna the authentic way
When the Finns first immigrated to the United States, they brought with them the tradition of sauna. The sauna remained relatively unknown until its mass-introduction through health clubs, hotels and homes in the last half-century. There are currently more than a million saunas in the U.S., but the age-old tradition remains misunderstood. Get the full, authentic experience by learning how to sauna the Finnish way.
  • Sauna furnishings: What an authentic sauna should have.
  • Sauna process: Learn sauna etiquette and common practices.
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